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In this section there is a series of short articles about Romsey and its surrounds,

many are reprinted from newsletters which are sent to members three times a year.

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1. Broadlands Archives:  This is a brief introduction to some of the architects who worked on the Broadlands estate in the middle of the nineteenth century. (Newsletter Jan 2011) pdf...


2. Broadlands Dairy around 1880:  Monthly returns of the produce of Broadlands Home Farm dairy have survived in Southampton University Archives and this article describes them.  (Newsletter Aug 2011) pdf...


3. Broadlands Garden Labourers in 1800:  Within the Broadlands Archives at Southampton University are two documents drawn up by head gardener, Charles Knight, listing the garden staff by name, and describing how many staff were needed to keep the pleasure gardens in good trim. (Newsletter Aug 2011) pdf...


4. Funeral of Lord Palmerston 1865:  He expected to be buried in Romsey's Botley Road cemetery, but Queen Victoria said his burial was to take place in Westminster Abbey.  pdf...


Romsey Cemetery

 (Botley Road) 


5. Botley Road Cemetery 1856 -1902:  A brief history of Romsey's cemetery after burials were forbidden close to the Abbey church. (Notes from LTVAS book 'History of Romsey') pdf...


6. War Graves in Botley Road Cemetery: There are 18 official war graves in Romsey's Botley Road cemetery.  Their names are listed on the War Graves page. pdf...


South West Romsey


7.  Romsey Remount Depot:  A brief outline of the work of this depot that gathered and prepared horses for service in the First World War. (Newsletter July 1999) - also look at LTVAS book 'Romsey and the Remount Service' and go to 'www.romseywarhorse.co.uk' for more info. pdf...

7a.  Romsey War Horse:  The background to the unveiling of the War Horse Memorial in Romsey. 


8. Ridge School: This small rural school was situated at Ridge on the western plateau above Romsey. The building served as a chapel of ease and a school. Both were closed many years ago and the building is now a private house. (Newsletter April 2010)  pdf..


Shows & Markets


9. Romsey's Market:  Romsey had a market from the 1100s and probably long before.  There was a great fuss in 1826 when it was proposed to change the market day from Saturday to Thursday.('to whose disadvantage')  The town now has a small, but good, market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. (British Library Newspapers) pdf...


10. Romsey Show: We wrote a history of the Romsey Show and this page gives you the flavour of the show and its history. pdf...


11. Romsey Show Silver Cups:  Over the years, the Romsey Agricultural Show has had many silver cups which have been awarded for the different classes.  This article charts their history. (Newsletter April 2011) pdf...




12. Middlebridge Street: Snippets about this charming Romsey street, with the stream running alongside the roadway. pdf...


12a. The Test Causeway:   A brief look at this hidden part of Romsey along the River Test from Middlebridge to Sadlers Mill. 



13. Workhouse Management:  This item reports on a description of the inadequate management of Romsey's workhouse at the beginning of the 1830s. (Newsletter April 2011) pdf...




14. Steam Locomotives: How and where the local railway company provided water for steam engines.(Newsletter January 2012) pdf...



15. Carters in 1823:  As well as coaches on which you could hire a seat to get about, there was a network of carriers who took goods from one place to another.  This article discusses who were the carters in Romsey in 1823. (Newsletter January 2013) pdf...


16. Romsey and its Canal:  (Article - July 2015)

The 22 mile long canal that passes through Romsey on its journey between Andover and Redbridge was completed in 1794. It also formed part of the Southampton to Salisbury Canal which used it between Redbridge and Timsbury.  


Romsey Abbey


17. The Clock & Bells at Romsey Abbey: This article relates to the installation and maintenance of the Abbey clock and bells over the past few centuries.

18.  Romsey Abbey Corbels : This website shows all the corbels at the various levels around the outside of Romsey Abbey.

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19.  Romsey Abbey Windows : This website shows many of the Abbey's stain glass windows in detail. 

20.  Romsey Abbey - An Armchair Guide : Take a tour around the Abbey with photos, plans and text.



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