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 Streets and Buildings Projects 

Survey of Romsey Project

Streets and Buildings Project In 2020 and 2021 The Society used the Zoom 'chat' meetings to discuss the history of buildings in the centre of Romsey. This created a great deal of interest and it was decided to undertake a formal study of Romsey buildings. Professor Roger Leech who was involved in a similar study in Bristol has agreed to coordinate the project. We intend to study the history of the buildings using documentary records and study of the buildings and their archaeology where possible coupled with records of the people who lived and worked in them.


Much work has already been done on individual buildings and streets which we intend to consolidate and extend. The work done on the legal documents preserved in the Tylee, Mortimer and Attlee offices is proving to be very useful. Already in 2021 several members of the group have started on the Market Place, Church Street and Bell Street as well as some other places where individuals have particular interests.


We have acquired a map drawn up in 1911 by the Inland Revenue identifying every property. The schedule gives details of the owner, occupier and value. This provides an excellent base from which to start our researches. Some properties in Romsey can be traced back through documentary evidence to the 13th century and a good many have deeds which record their history back to 16th to 18th centuries. In the 19th century census records help give details of the families who lived and worked in them.


The Society put on an exhibition of posters on the Market Place Shops within the shop windows as part of the Romsey Festival in July 2021 and hope to publish articles on individual buildings and streets as we progress.


When the survey is complete we will consider a more ambitious form of publication.

It is planned to have a meeting on the first Thursday of each month

10-12 a.m. in the Town Hall basement for anyone interested in this 

to come and swap ideas on research and discuss the findings so

far. Anyone interested in taking part can contact the society by email:-

romsey.history or Roger Leech:





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