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War Horse Book
First Edition
The  Story of Romsey
History of Romsey.

This history of Romsey was our first attempt to tell the story of the town, how and why it developed as it has.

Although not wrong, later knowledge has caused us to shift the emphasis and it is largely overtaken by 'The History of Romsey'.
After the Rhinoceros
A Story of Romsey's Railways.

Romsey's first railway ran from Bishopstoke, now Eastleigh to Milford, now Salisbury. The first train ran in 1846. In 1865 a second route was opened that ran from Redbridge, later Southampton, to Andover.

This line was nicknamed 'Sprat and Winkle' and was closed in 1964. Romsey still has railway connections and a fine station building.
Romsey: A Photographic History
A photographic history of your town.

Old photographs with a commentary. Three of the leading members of LTVAS Group selected the photographs and wrote notes about them.
When the Nuns Ruled Romsey
Administration of medieval Romsey. During the middle ages, Romsey was held (owned) by the Benedictine nuns of Romsey Abbey.

This book explains the implications of such lordship and also discusses the details of the Anglo-Saxon land charter.
A Tour of Old Romsey
Changes in the appearance of Victorian Romsey.

This book takes a look at the main institutions in the town, such as churches, schools, town halls and maps the changes that were made in the nineteenth century.
So Drunk He Must Have Been....
To Romsey - A History of Romsey's Pubs & Inns - 1st Edition. A history of the town's pubs and inns.

This book gives a brief history of brewing and the development of pubs and inns and then consists of a gazetteer of the towns many licensed premises. It has been overtaken by the 2nd edition.
A Slice of Old romsey
A collection of photographs of old Romsey 1860 - 1945. The pictures in this book were chosen from the images that the Group owned in its early days.

We now have several thousand more pictures of old Romsey in our archives.
Drawing the Map of romsey
LTVAS Group Occasional Papers No. 1 - The development of waterways and roads around Romsey.

This was an early study to consider why Romsey's roads and rivers are sited where they are. It has been largely overtaken by later work.
Wellow That Were
Reminiscences of the village of Wellow.

This book contains some delightful recollections of life in a village on the western edge of the New Forest in the days before electricity, and piped water.
Romsey Remembers
Personal Reminiscences of Romsey. LTVAS Group has always encouraged people to send us their reminiscences of the town and these are safely stored in our basement room at the Town Hall.

This book is a selection of those we received during the 1970s and include a number of stories of life in the town before the First World War.
Romsey in Old Picture Postcards
Old photographs with a commentary.

Jessica Spinney has been one of the Group's most important researchers into the history of the town, so this book is the product of her considerable knowledge.
LTVAS Pots and Papers No 1
- What Makes History, Phoebe Berrow
- The Archaeological Aspects of Archery, Michael O'Malley
- Excavations at School Farm Lockerley, A. Russel
- The Anglo Saxon Epoch, Mike Curtis
- The 1851 Census in Romsey: an examination of the pattern of employment, Jessica Spinney
- Some Thoughts on Roman and Iron Age Pottery Production, S. Cooper
LTVAS Pots & Papers Vol. 4
- Medieval Romsey, P. Merrick
- The Hon. William Cowper-Temple, P.A. Wellington
- Wellow Parish Records, J.E. Benham
- Victorian Wellow, F. Cale
- Memories of Strong & Co. Ltd, F. Alldred
- Nursling Excavations A. Brown, S.Cooper & K. Dawe
- Memories of North Baddesley, 1940-45, J. Hibberd
LTVAS Pots & Papers Vol. 6
- The Dissolution of Romsey Abbey, Diana Coldicott
- A Year in the Life of a Village: Nursling & Rownhams 1992, Clifford Stride & Members.
- The Latham Bankruptcy 1817, Barbara Burbridge
- A Nurse Called Flo, Frances Cale
- Romsey’s Poor: The Pre-Victorian Story, Jessica Spinney
- Romsey’s Other Churches, Barbara Burbridge
Programme - Romsey Charter QEII
Borough of Romsey
Programme of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness,The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Saturday 6th April, 1957

The Royal visit was made as part of the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Romsey receiving its Borough Charter.

As well as the arrangements for the day, the programme includes pictures of the royal couple and articles about Romsey and its major buildings.
Roundabout Romsey
A guide to circular walks
Romsey District Rambles
A guide to walks in parishes adjoining Romsey
Around Romsey
A guide to town and country walking and sporting facilities
Look At Romsey - Area 12
Romsey Town Design Statement - Area 12 Crampmoor and Highwood
Look At Romsey - Area 1
Romsey Town Design Statement - Area 1 Whitenap
Look At Romsey 5
Romsey Town Design Statement - Area 5 Great Woodley
Look At Romsey 4
Romsey Town Design Statement - Area 4 Tadburn Gardens
Look At Romsey - Area 3
Romsey Town Design Statement - Area 3 Tadburn Valley
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