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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy -

The following terms and conditions of the Romsey Local History Society (also known as LTVAS) form the basis upon which you agree to accept in order to use this website, and/or become a member of the "Society" and/or make purchases from or donate items to the "Society".

If you do not agree with these T&C's or policies then you should not use this site. 

General Terms and Conditions

1. Copyright: All material (including text, photographs, images, diagrams and maps) contained within this website are subject to copyright laws and must not be reproduced or used in part or as a whole without the permission of the Romsey Local History Society. Additionally where such material displayed on this site is identified as being the property of a third party, then their permission must also be obtained.


2. Data Protection and Privacy Policy : Romsey Local History Society (also known as LTVAS) will fully comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 as it may apply to us as a non-profit charity in so far as we will only store those details of members of the "Society", or of those purchasing "Society" publications or of those donating items to the "Society", that are necessary to enable us to be able to communicate with them on matters relating to their membership or to send them "Society" newsletters or information relevant to the "Society", or with regard to publications that they have ordered or to items that they have donated. As such we will not pass on any names or other personal details to any outside body unless legally obliged to do so. However those using our online website to purchase books or membership should be aware that their personal and financial details are handled by third party entities, namely WIX and PayPal, who may hold such information that is not passed to us (such as PayPal or bank details) and is therefore not under our control (you may need to contact them directly about the information held by them). Very occasionally we may forward to members material and information relevant to their membership of the society from other organisations. You may ask us to provide you with the information that we hold about you for a fee of £10 but we will only delete such information at your request after it is no longer relevant to our need to contact you relating to your current or past membership or relates to a transaction made by you with us. We may hold such information up to a maximum of 6 years after your request to delete it or after you no longer remain a member in order to comply with financial and tax regulations. 


3. Returns Policy: We will not accept returns of our books once paid for and despatched.


4. Posting: Books will usually be sent by first class post to most addresses within the UK and will be protected by a Certificate of Posting. Sometimes books may be sent by alternative methods especially where package weight/costs or distance may exceed the calculated first class postage.   


5. Shipping Costs: These are calculated on the weight of items to be posted.


6. Notification: We will notify you of receipt of your order and when books have been despatched.


7. Timescale: We will send books as soon as possible and you should expect them within a fortnight of placing your order.


8. Membership: Our membership year is the same as calendar year. Subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st January each year.


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