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Our Publications
A Library of Local History Books For Sale :  


From time to time Romsey Local History Society (LTVAS) produce books and journals relating to the history of Romsey and its surrounds. Select a category button to view the publications within each category and then follow the links if you wish to know more about the publication or make a purchase.

Occasionally we can offer second-hand copies of out of print books. We also market publications of the Romsey and District Society, and one or two other titles that are relevant to the history of Romsey.


** Save Money ** - As cover prices are so low, we have to charge for postage and packing. If you live near to Romsey, you can avoid these costs by buying from us directly at one of our weekly meetings in the Romsey Town Hall Basement or at one of the monthly talks and events, or by going to one of our stockists, such as the Romsey Tourist Information Centre in Church Street, Romsey.


We offer trade terms to booksellers. E-mail us if you come into that category.

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