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Romsey and the Remount Service
Romsey and the Remount Service
By Phoebe Merrick (2013)
52 pp 160g
In 1914, the War Department rented land in Romsey, Hampshire on which a Remount Depot was built. Its role was to train horses and mules for war service. Between April 1915 and October 1918 the camp handled about 119,000 animals.

The book is being sold in aid of the War Horse statue that will be erected in Romsey's War Memorial Park, but has been published by LTVAS Group on behalf of the War Horse statue appeal.

Romsey and the Remount Service

  • The War Department established a training camp, or Remount Depot, for horses on Pauncefoot Hill to the west of Romsey, in Hampshire. The camp could accommodate up to 5000 horses and mules at any one time. There were between 2000 and 3000 men working at the camp which also contained a veterinary hospital. Many of the animals came from the USA and once trained were despatched to France via nearby Southampton. After the War the camp was demolished and much of the building material was used as hardcore to prepare the ground for Romsey's War Memorial Park.
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