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When the Mammoth Roamed Romsey
When the Mammoth Roamed RomseyM. O’Malley (1982)44pp 94gISBN 978-0-906921-03-6 A Study of the prehistory of Romsey and district 

When the Mammoth Roamed Romsey

  • This book is primarily a report of the excavation of a Mesolithic site at Broomhill, Braishfield, near Romsey. As well as many very well drawn images of the finds at Broomhill, the work puts the Mesolithic period into its context. Mike O’Malley had been a draughtsman for the Ordnance Survey, so his site was laid out to match the Ordnance Survey grid, at a time when such exactitude was unusual. His work earned him (and LTVAS Group) Second Prize in the BBC Chronicle Archaeology Awards for 1979.
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